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Samurai\with a engine tranny 1300cc bigtires testing the field trailgear xyz family and friend build 2 years in the making
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This is my first blog post, hopefully the first of many. I’d like to post about my offroad rigs that

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Side B goes on a triple-threat…. we successfully completed 3 trails on Sunday 31st 2014, Trinidad & Tobago’s 52d year

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The White Knight Offroad crew took to Morne Diablo trail on August 2nd 2020. The team was able to perform

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Side B embarked on yet another awesome night trail located in Ravine Sable, Trinidad and Tobago. The night was filled

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“Wilbert May Day Mayhem” will feature the leading off road drivers from both clubs in battles against machines and the most challenging terrain the island has to offer.

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Who ready for the next THCTT event? 2020 new year more vibes We doing it wettttttt this year. Book d

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Owner Clinton Arjoon from Trinidad and Tobago representing White Knight Offroad. 3” body lift 4” superior engineering remote reservoir suspension

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