Sanjay Dass – Trinidad and Tobago – Side B – Hilux

JZ Powered Monster Hilux

Owner Sanjay K Dass

Toyota was always a part of my family. So evidently a Toyota Hilux was a must.
Our family owned Hilux back in the 1980 was already lifted with 38” tires, ladder/ traction bars, v8, double shocks it always had a place in my heart. Even my last Jimny Project housed Full hilux engine, gearbox and differential. I Just wanted a offroad vehicle that can be a monster in the mud but gentle enough to be a family van if needed.
So my hilux project began in 2016/2017.
With a crazy list of parts and modifications it began from lift to lockers to fully built 3rd members and hydraulic steering. 
It was quite a task with everything being stripped down to chassis and re done.
Engine was removed and options was played with until it now sits with a 2JZ engine.
I’m very proud of this build and the memories I make with this vehicle.
Will always like to thank ABS Offroad for all the parts provided when needed and Harry’s Auto Vintage for all the work done to the vehicle.

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shawn mohammed

Owner of ABS Offroad

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      Beautiful!!! I’m loving it


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